Platform is a unique online destination for all professions; qualified tradesmen, project contractors and professionals who’re seeking full time or part-time employment opportunity regardless their sector.

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Employers and Service Advertisers – to get started, we will need you to compile a request on our website via the homepage. After you’ve registered with us, get started by entering the request you would like to receive from our qualified Candidates or Professional Tradesmen.

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Useful information to help you understand and navigate better, whether you’re seeking employment opportunity or hiring locally or across Africa, our values proposition is very simple; connecting job advertisers to the most qualified people in your industry.

Simple Guide To Know What & How


Tradesmen or contractor looking for the next project, based on the information you’ve provided to Platform, we can potentially connect you to your next big project. Our unique framework and functionality are designed primarily on demand and supply only. What that means is that we only connect you to the most recent jobs/ projects within your local and wider geographical area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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