How to Find Trusted and Vetted Tradesmen in Kenya

You’ve just flown into Nairobi from out of town, and you’re in need of a furniture maker to replicate that beautiful sofa you saw at the store in London. Or perhaps your water pipes are busted somewhere and in need of a plumber’s attention. Finding trusted professionals can be a very big headache anywhere in the world, and the same applies to Kenya too.

Another concern is when these people have to come into your home. You don’t want to bring in someone you can’t trust into your home. It is your private abode and haven.

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Summary of the Last Four Post on our Blog

Over the last four weeks, we have published some insightful posts, but you may not have had the time to go through them one-by-one. For this reason, we have decided to summarise all the topics covered within the weeks in this post so that you can get a glimpse. The link to each of the full article is supplied after each summary.

10 Reasons both Candidates and Professional Tradesmen Should Sign Up With PlatformJob Today

PlatformJob is different from the regular job-posting website across the world. It differs in that it handles the matchmaking process between the employers and the candidates or tradesmen. Jobs posted on PlatformJob are verified to reduce scam, and the utmost aim of PlatformJob is to connect the right employers to the right candidates seeking white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs across Africa.

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How to Become a Highly Skilled Professional in Your Field

Being one of the highly skilled professional workers in your company – and your field – comes with a lot of goodies. You earn more prestige and more money. However, whether you do white-collar jobs or blue-collar jobs, becoming highly skilled isn't a short-term goal. It requires plans, patience, and actions. Here are what you need to become a highly skilled professional.

  • Be passionate about your job

Passion is the energy that drives everything we do. All the successful highly skilled professional workers know this, and that's the reason they are passionate about their jobs. Be it you do white-collar jobs or blue-collar jobs, it is important you find a way to love what you do – or else you wouldn’t do a good job.

When you love what you do, you would always be filled with the fuel to keep firing on all cylinders and your creativity and productivity will soar.

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Effective Use of the Media With James Balogun, Founder of Platform, on Wazobia Gudu Morning Naija Show

Mr James Balogun, the founder of Platform, was at Wazobia Gudu Morning Naija Show. On the show, he spoke about the vision and mission of Platform, which is to connect verified employers with verified blue-collar and white-collar job seekers across Africa.

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Top Tips for Finding Tradesmen on the Internet in Africa

You dress up and enter your car on a bright Monday morning, put the key in ignition expecting the car to sputter to life but the car just coughs and refuses to start. You need a carpenter to help you build a particular cabinet or mini-bar to taste. Or maybe you are in need of a computer engineer to help solve computer hardware headaches in your office.

All of the above means that you need to hire a local tradesman. The internet has a lot of solutions to everyday challenges so it’s your best bet. The internet has become everyone’s tool for quick and effective results in almost every area of our lives. Thankfully, finding qualified skilled workers in Africa can also be done over the internet too. We have set out a few tips to help you get going.

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Welcome to PLATFORM’s official blog page, your true No. 1 employment portal for 54 African countries; connecting you to the most recent projects and employment opportunities.

We’ve now finally unveiled our job portal after 30 months of intense development and ensuring that we bring you the very latest jobs and project opportunities locally and across Africa. We’ve crafted the portal with the latest features and applications in technology but essentially designed with users-friendly approach: it is simple to navigate.

Platform is a unique online destination for all projects and employment opportunities across Africa. The most effective way for employers & service advertisers to advertise their jobs and project requirement, whether it’ll be temporary, permanent employment opportunities at no cost.

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Getting Local Jobs in Africa: Things to Do With Your CV to Attract Employers

When you are looking to find local jobs in Africa (and everywhere in the world), your CV is important – it is the

gateway by which you connect with employers.

And for you to attract the employers, secure an interview, and then land the job, you must polish your CV and

make it look convincing that you are the right person for the job.

The following are the things to you should do with your CV to make it attractive to employers, on the first look.

  • Tailor It.

Since your CV is your first opportunity to connect with employers, tailoring it to the specs of the employers will resonate well with the employers.

So instead of sending a CV detailing all your qualifications, skills, and experiences when applying for a position,

you should construct a CV that has information relevant to the position For example, if you have worked as a

marketer and now looking to become a skilled professional in human resource management, sending a CV that

shows how good you are as a marketer wouldn’t work.

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10 Reasons both Candidates and Professional Tradesmen Should Sign Up With PlatformJob Today

The first thing you should know is that PlatformJob is not another jobs posting platform. It’s more of an online gateway solution for employment opportunities and our major aim is to take the unnecessary steps away from job hunting, finding customers and reduce the stress of linking talent up with job opportunities. It isn’t just for white collar jobs; skilled professional workers can also join the winning train.

Matchmaking – that’s what we do. We match the best candidate with the best employer and customer. We make it that simple. For tradesmen looking for the next project opportunity, job seekers actively looking for more permanent employment, PlatformJob matchmaking system is the answer to all your prayers.

Here are ten simple reasons for you to sign up with PlatformJob.

1.    Well regulated for qualified candidates and skilled professional tradesmen locally and across Africa

At Platformjob.com, once your registration has been approved and you’ve indicated your area of specialization through your account settings, you’ll never have to look for work again as you’ll start receiving real jobs locally and across Africa as per your geographical interest.

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Despite an impressive growth performance across the continent, unemployment continues to be a major socio-economic challenge in many African countries. And for a continent with a largely youthful population, this simply means high levels of unemployment and vulnerable employment for the youth. Therefore, governments and private organizations are awakening to the need for job creation, the quality of jobs and also the need to simplify job recruitment processes. One of such organizations championing a way to ease job recruitment processes across Africa is Platform.

Platform is a unique online destination for projects, services and employment opportunities across Africa. It serves as a gateway for both job advertisers and job seekers; connecting qualified blue-collar and white-collar professionals with employers. According to James Balogun, one of Platform’s ambassadors, the site was created as a means to tackle unemployment in Africa. “Non-African countries have been able to manage their unemployment issues but that is not the case in Africa where the private sector and entrepreneurs are doing more in terms of job creation than the government. We wanted to create opportunities for Nigerians and Africans, and Platform is our way of doing that,” he told Ventures Africa.

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